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Magnetic Particle Inspector

Visually or magnetic particle inspect various alloyed steel casting for defects and customer conformance. The inspection process can be accomplished with gages dry powder, magnaflux, ultrasonic testing, or handheld grinders. If defects are noted, the casting is marked with chalk or oil-based pen and sent back to the required production person to correct the defect. A person should be able to perform this dutyt in eight to ten weeks.

Duties and responsibilities included

Learn to visually identify various cracks, shifts, pinholes, and mark them appropriately

Use Master Process cards and management information system to ensure the casting conforms to the customer requirements.

Operate an overhead hoist to maneuver castings for inspection, and also to place castings on either a pallet or in a casting box.

Use dry powder or magnetic particle equipment appropriately to reveal cracks in the casting.

Use a hand grinder to probe, touch up and/or grind off defects.

Learn the casting process so the non-conforming casting is taken back to the appropriate step to correct the defect.

Adhere to all Maynard safety rules/guidelines and be aware of general obvious hazards in their work area whether or not a specific safety rule or policy exists.

Communicate with Chief Inspector and Cleaning Room Supervisors to inform them if a pattern of non-conformance appears.

Perform level II magnaflux or ultrasonic inspection.

Perform final release Inspection

Operate basic measuring equipment and use gages to verify casting dimensions

Lift up to 50lbs, and other job duties may be assigned.

Requirements: Must have magnetic Particle Inspector experience. Minimum 1-year visual inspection experience as a "C" Inspector, 1 year visual and level I Magnaflux and/or UT as a "B" Inspector, and training to attain a level II magnaflux or Ultrasonic certification.

$20.00- $28.50 per hour.

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